Yana comes from a hard working family. Her father is from Belgrade and he is a dentist. Her mother was born in Bajina Basta, in the provinces of Serbia and moved to Belgrade when she was fifteen to pursue her own dreams of living in a big city. They met when they were seventeen at university and have been together ever since. They both worked very hard to earn enough money to put Yana through school and help her in her dream of becoming actress and model, something very difficult under the Milosevic era in Serbia.

Yana grew up during the war and this has made her a very strong person, with good family values and spiritual strength. She is not just a pretty face and a hot body. She is also beautiful on the inside. She want to be a sucsess so her fame can be influence and she can use money for change from bad time to peace.

During her childhood Yana grew up a great deal on her family farm Bajina Basta. She was a child of nature and freedom of the spirit. This is what makes Yana so natural in front of the camera and loving to perform so much.

Her first ever appearance on television was as a child singer on the children’s Series, BRANKO KOCKICA. She has said that from that moment she just wanted to perform forever. From there she did some guest roles on Bolji Zivot (A Better Life) and a NEXT Pear Nectar commercial. But she hit BIG TIME when she landed herself in a regular role on TV Palma’s late night Adult Entertainment slot. From this came much fame and more work, as a model for Late Night Adult commercials and Modeling for magazines and parties.

She also became famous in some other countries around Europe and went to work in Italy, Romania, Czekoslovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal.

With the fame of the Television success came some controversy regarding her personal life. Yana, a girl from the farm, found herself in the face of the media having to answer for questions about who she was dating. There are rumors that she had an affair with soccer superstar Dragan Diklic, which were the direct cause of the suicide of his wife. Both he and Yana have denied these rumors, claiming they are friends.

She has been photographed with major celebrities all over the country, from Captian Dragan to basketball stars and singers. She also has been seen in public with international sports stars from Italy, Spain and France. These are the controversies that surround Yana.

At the age of twenty five, the life of an actress had played its part and she was too tired to continue. She retired from acting, prodigiously saying “It takes too much of my soul” and made the public announcement that she would move on to professional modeling only. “My body is strong and beautiful and it will continue to work hard. The world needs this hard work. Otherwise nothing is change.”


From her upbringing in smart and intelligent family, Yana learns good values for liking and appreciation of people. She often gives money to homeless people and talks with them on the streets. A tragic childhood accident, where she was attacked by a stray dog and scared for life, also means she support, when she can, a dog home in Belgrade.

Yana is now pursuing a career in modeling. 
She is moving to Los Angeles to check it out and make contacts.

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    I left you a message on Model Mayhem too. We’re casting models for a series of glamour/nude workshops we do at our West Hollywood studio- Melrose Lightspace. They typically take place on a Saturday and run from 12-4pm. After 4pm photographers can reserve individual shoot time up to 7pm, which they will schedule in advance. Models receive a base rate of $300 cash plus 100% of all individual shoot fees at $60-1/2 hour. Models are required to sign a promotional release for each participant- 6 total. We’ve done several in the past and have had great feedback from all the models. Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Thanks. :)

    Peter Michelena
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    Melrose Lightspace

  2. Hello Yana, I just saw your profile on Mayhem and you have an awesome look. Do or would you pose fully nude? There is compensation and nothing gets published. This is strictly a hobby for me but I am totally professional and fun to work with. Let me know. Thank you, Sean 323-236-6919

  3. Please make a porn movie!

  4. Sve je to divno i sjajno, lepo izgledas i sve sto ide uz to, ali mi se ne svidja tvoje ponasanje previse divlje i nekako bezobrazno…pozzz

  5. Kako si ti lepa,ja sam opcinjena tvojom lepotom i ukusom za stil! Tvoji klipovi me inspirisu da i ja krenem tvojim stopama. Zelela bih da jednog dana budem slavna i uspesna kao sto si ti sada! Puno pozdrava i poljubaca ti salje tvoja obozavateljka Jovana cmok cmok cmok

  6. odvratna si

  7. Veruj mi ne bih zezela to Jovana!!!!

  8. Cao, ja sam Boris, profesionalno se bavim modnom fotografijom pa da ti javim ako budes dolazila u Srbiju slobodno mi se javi na mail i imas kod mene free session. Inace sam iz Novog Sada, pa samo javi malo unapred da bismo se dogovorili, al eto voljan sam da ti pripomognem bar sa svoje strucne strane. XOX

  9. Mala svaka ti čast! Za razliku od većine a pogotovo ovih kritičara barem pokušavaš nešta učiniti u životu. Samo nemoj skrenuti na krivi put. Pusa!

  10. Prava si i samo tako naprid, živi svoj život!!!

  11. Porn Production company based here in south florida, we shoot for
    cable networks, but we are starting our own Video Line and would
    like to do some scenes with you…b/g, g/g, solos, 3somes, etc.

    If you are interested in doing any Video work let me know, we have a
    solid budget for content and hope to work with you. I can send you
    a trailer of our work if you are seriously interested. We have shooters in
    other cities as well who shoot for us exclusively for us, so we can probably
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  12. SUPER SI ,zezaj se, se krsime od smeenje na tvoite videa a plus mnogu dobro izledas pozdrav od MAKEDONIJA

  13. Kurvo, od svega dobra si samo za kurac. Pozdrav i sve najbolje.

  14. potpuni si kreten.

  15. Hej Yana.
    Najbolja si, najljepša. Ne obaziri se na ove negativce i njihovu negativnu energiju. Ja ti šaljem puno pozitivne.
    Velika pusa iz Hrvatske! :*
    Svi smo uz tebe

  16. Yana,
    I’m working on a concept poster for an action/street drama about a young Serbian girl. I would like to talk to you about modeling for a couple hours.

    Please email me if you are interested.


  17. Ti si luda i najludja…love u crazy,
    Cuvaj mi se i uzivaj gde god , vidimo se brzo

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