Not my friend.

When you write like this to me – I will take you off my friend list. Also if you say my breast is Serbian but my video is not – this means you are Stupid and Sexist. And so you are not Serbian because real Serbian men are smart and very good to woman. xox Yana Novak


English Language

“What is on your mind?” This is Facebook status question. I am now learn English and realize this is such gramatic big mistake. This status question on FB should be “What is in your mind.” ON MY MIND there is nothing – except when I practice posturing then I put glass of water.  Also on fan page – “What have you been up to?” Is very silly way to say – “What have you been doing?” “Up to?” is so silly to use – because I am up to page 400 of reading Bible – but “been up to” – is silly. It should be saying “What are you doing?” or “What have you be doing?” xox Yana Novak


New Fan – Bad Man

Friends – check out chat with my new fan… I do not know – kako da ga VASPITAM!!!??? Trebaju mu BATINE od Jane!!! xox Yana Novak


I am Serbian Pride

Peoples say that I am shame to Serbian. That I am not like Nikola Tesla andNovak Djokovic. But in my last videos I am reading Zizek and talking with GOD! How is this not super Serbian!? xox Yana



Sorry for be away so so long. I am back. Today I am fascinate by different temperature in the world. How amazing the world that in Beograd it is 1 C and in LA it is 23C and in Australia it is 32C. OMG! WOW! xox Yana


Advice to prime minister

Advice to Prime Minister of Australia


Mikri Maus & Bvana – super spot

Black is Best. Ali Bele bundice su MNOOOGO LEPE! xox Yana


NEMOGU DA VERUJEM, isto kao meni… niko od diplomata meni nepomaze u inostraanstvu. Marinu potpuno razumem. I ja sam umetnica kao i ona. I ja koristim svoje telo za umetnost. A niko to nerazume!
Just like me. I am artist without support from Serbian diplomats. I use my body like Marina, as work of art and no one visit me to help! And no one understand us.




Super cool news. I am on the cover of Time Out Sydney this month! This is one steps closer to playboy, which is very excite for me. Dream is close to be real!!! xox Yana

Here is video comercial for the edition:

And the magazine pictures of my sexy figure and my advice to people:

Cover Girl!



Keeping up to dates: Sydney!

I am so sorry I have not write for long time here. I have many great news.

First good and bad. I was employ by Sydney Film Festival for be a journalist to them, but then they diagree about have attractive woman on red carpet and one man not like me there so they fire me. But I still have chance to make super fantasic video from my adventure with Australian movie stars. You can see here:

Yesterday I make intro for the Vlog man KRKAN. Here is that. It is in Serbian. Sorry to english people. I look hot and sexy so you can have fun watching:

And also I make some videos for reports for Time Out Magazine. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum:

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary:

This is all for now. ALSO, I read in newspaper that Australian Basketball team women go in economy to Olympic, but men, who is smaller than huge big woman, sit in business class.

From the newspaper about the basketball flying

This is very sad. I am very sorry for this man who is smaller than woman. This is not good for his self esteem. Also, I am very disappoint that woman is not sitting with the man in business class to be with him friend on the flight so they can talk and not sit alone. But life is not fair and we have to be alone sometimes and do thing solo to succeed. Sometimes struggle is important.

xox Yana