Keeping up to dates: Sydney!

I am so sorry I have not write for long time here. I have many great news.

First good and bad. I was employ by Sydney Film Festival for be a journalist to them, but then they diagree about have attractive woman on red carpet and one man not like me there so they fire me. But I still have chance to make super fantasic video from my adventure with Australian movie stars. You can see here:

Yesterday I make intro for the Vlog man KRKAN. Here is that. It is in Serbian. Sorry to english people. I look hot and sexy so you can have fun watching:

And also I make some videos for reports for Time Out Magazine.┬áMadame Tussaud’s Wax Museum:

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary:

This is all for now. ALSO, I read in newspaper that Australian Basketball team women go in economy to Olympic, but men, who is smaller than huge big woman, sit in business class.

From the newspaper about the basketball flying

This is very sad. I am very sorry for this man who is smaller than woman. This is not good for his self esteem. Also, I am very disappoint that woman is not sitting with the man in business class to be with him friend on the flight so they can talk and not sit alone. But life is not fair and we have to be alone sometimes and do thing solo to succeed. Sometimes struggle is important.

xox Yana

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